P for the Promise I made..

So I have been asking for a office space. I kind of Promised I would actually use it, if we created it exactly as I wanted it.  Mostly because at the moment I believed I wanted a space of my own.  So we gutted out the front room, painted, and shelved out the wall for all of my files, etc. Hung a few pictures, framed quotes on the wall.  Problem is once I got in there it was way to quiet. I felt so removed from everyone, and when my family is home, I want to be in their presence. Not to mention who can work without listening to and occasionally glancing at their favorite shows?  Not this girl thats for sure.

This little corner is where I work.  The leather sofa is so comfy that our cousin is buying the same one. Throw in my very warm Nintendo Blanket, for those colder mornings and late nights.  The tree on the wall, I painted with my son, on that one night we went to paint night together, and had the best mother son date. Our family rules saying we found in home goods, along with The P which represents our last name.  The hanging light which was once a Lily Pulitzer Hurricane. The paintings by Seen on the wall, from my hubbies childhood. The clear view of my Tv, and FiOS setup! Clearly this corner is very special to me.

Also I am most productive with chaos around me. From this corner I can see my girly playing with her American Girl dolls (because they have taken over my living room), JD playing his Nintendo video games, and I get to binge watch Scandal (last night’s episode was beyond, restoring my faith in Shonda Rhimes).

So now my office is being redone into what Gia calls a desk room! HA!  It will now consist of desks for everyone and include a bluetooth speaker.  Allowing us to stream our favorite shows and listen as we work. I am not making the promise that I will work in this “desk office” alone, because the truth is, I want to spend as much time with my family as possible.  Even if I am cuddled up on a corner of the sofa, while chaos is all around me!

Where do you work from home? Do you work better when everything is quiet or do you need chaos around you?


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    at 9:41 am

    I feel the same. My office is barely used, I’m more likely to grab my laptop and a seat at the kitchen table where I can watch the kids playing in the backyard or be on hand to listen to them coordinate a minecraft build in the living room.

    A desk room sounds awesome.

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