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Paradise doesn’t always have to be tropical

The best part of winter for any child is snow! Here in New York despite the weather forecast, we have been waiting without a flurry in sight. Our oldest lives for snow, he isn’t into most sports, but snowboarding has been his jam for years. Happily his younger sister is following along in his dust. With the mountains calling our names we could no longer remain calm waiting for a snow storm that never arrives, despite the weather forecast. Instead we jumped at the opportunity to spend the weekend at Mount Snow in Vermont with Nicole Feliciano and the Moms Trends team.

Grand Summit Resort

It is no easy task to get everyone on the same page in our family. We all have our own scheduled activities that bring us joy. The thought of escaping to a world of complete relaxation and exhilaration was tempting. However, once mentioning Mount Snow Grand Summit Resort is actually on the mountain where they can snowboard, everyone high tailed into action when packing up their gear.

What ever your pleasure, soaking in an outdoor hot tub, skiing, snowboarding, a renowned spa and holistic wellness center, fitness center, golfing, Winter and Summer activities the Grand Summit has it all waiting for you!

Mountain Camp

No matter the season one thing is certain kids just want to have fun! Mountain camp at Mount Snow is designed with fun in mind. No matter their skill level, if they are just beginning or already tearing it up all over the mountain… Mountain camp or the mountain riders program instructors are set to have them laughing their way through runs of learning and discovery. Both kids participated in a full day session, and were grouped with other children with a similar skill set. Making new friends, during runs, building on their skills, and indulging in lunch and hot chocolate together made for snow filled memories.

Gathering around the Campfire

The girls were gathered around the campfire singing songs we have never heard before, there were belly laughs on both sides of the camera, followed up by snowball fights. Mischievous and a whole lot of fun, one thing is certain our littles knew how to make every part of Mount Snow a blast.

Snow tubing

Keeping it cool is the #1 rule here at Mt. Snow. With up to eight lanes of thrills, ones skills set must simply be to hold on tight and let loose! So go ahead jump in your tubes and let the races begin. We kicked back in our tubes at the Tube Park, ready to move at the speed of light down every hill! We’re all winners here, but I can’t stop the littles from going head to head to be the top of the tube. The smile on their faces say it all, this is their place to let go and truly enjoy the snow.

The Waffle Cabin

A great day of snow much fun comes with a great appetite. All cuddled up together on the Blue Bird Lift, these littles are snacking on delicious waffles covered in powdered sugar, and chocolate. They went hardcore with every activity at Mount Snow from tubing to skiing, and our favorite, snowboarding, I barely kept track of everyone. A quick bite and a minute to catch their breath is all they took, before I knew it they all darted in separate directions off to one lift, or another.


The Boys!

There’s something about being among the snow and watching the flurries fall that makes me feel like a kid again. Ironically, as I felt like a child indulging in all the snow fun, my tween was off being very mature and independent doing runs with his friends.

Teaching JD to have the courage to follow his heart and intuition, is my goal in life. We are fortunate he is passionate about snowboarding and that he had the opportunity to get in runs and have a blast with his friends at Mount Snow. Face timing in between runs, kept this mama at bay, and in the know.

Paradise doesn’t always have to be tropical. For my family in fact it isn’t. Despite the chilling temperatures it really is only cold when you are standing still. And yes undoubtedly you will fall if this is your first or tenth time, Lord knows we have, but the pain certainly doesn’t last forever, yet the memories will. We loved this quick getaway to remind us to live life, and mostly importantly, live it together!

If you are interested in trying this great sport after seeing my family and I having so much check out the Peak Discovery Program it’s designed to work perfectly for first timers. For just $139 a beginner gets three days of lessons, rentals, and lift tickets that are good at all 7 mountains across the Northeast, including Mount Snow, Hunter Mountain, Attitash, Wildcat, and more.

For more on our Mount Snow adventure check out our instagram stories and follow along via #MTSKI.

Also be sure to check out The MomTrends ski guide which also highlights Mount Snow and other great ideas for family ski!

Thank you Mom Trends and Mount Snow for inviting us for a fun filled weekend.

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