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Picture this….

As a family we partake in a yearly photo shoot with an amazing photographer, Maria Davino who we love beyond words.  From the moment we met Maria we knew she got us.  Our personalities were in sync.  In addition Maria has also captured some amazing family milestones, and we are very fortunate to have her in our lives.


Which is why I’m not really sure why when a friend dangled this other photographer in front of me with all his “credentials”, I felt the need to book an appointment for not one but both of my kids.  The fee alone was more than I care to discuss, but like a bird chirping in my ear, I was told he was the best for head shots etc.

Lets face it we all ultimately want THE BEST for our kids.  So there we went off for this drive by adventure because honestly thats how long this photo session lasted.

Showing up at the park, I initially had the gut feeling that it was like a cattle call.  Picture about 6 families, no scheduled time slots, kids everywhere, it was like a casting call, but yet I paid for this experience.

What the ………

The voices in my head were yelling turn around and request a refund, but I couldn’t back down now.  I was instantly told that my 3 year old needed makeup, which was an additional fee and shame on me but I never paid it! I was told the professional lighting would wash her out.  This wasn’t our first rodeo, Gia has been photographed under professional lighting and featured on the Madame Alexander website, no makeup, professional lighting, in a professional studio.  Again despite the voices I went along with it, because somewhere in my head I wanted to believe these head shots were going to be amazing!  

Fast forward ONE MONTH later and the photos from the shoot are uploaded, and to say I am disappointed is an understatement.  Apparently the shoot photos were thrown to the back burner as the photographer worked on additional projects, and it was only after comments on his Facebook page that the photos were released.  My disappointment came when I noticed there was one picture of JD.  ONE IMAGE, where there were 7-9 of other children. When I questioned the photographer his response was:

“Some kids nailed it quickly and some it took a bit. The goal is one strong modeling shot of each look. I’ll go look for more for you but it’s not about qty.”   

Sorry but for the price I paid I was expecting quality in a much larger quantity!  There was one headshot of Gia which I like, not love, and the one of JD which I have no choice but to like.  My problem is I can’t shake the feeling that I was taken advantage of.  I have heard so many stories about parents paying outlandish fees for professional photos, and I vowed to never be one of them.



My advice is to always go with your instinct, and don’t get suckered in by these drive by photographers offering head shots etc.  Truth be told modeling agencies are not looking for a professional image.

If your in need of a professional photographer stick with the Maria Davino in your life, because she/he knows you, and your family which means they know your needs, likes and dislikes.

Rant over thank you for allowing me to vent.







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  • Reply
    at 9:54 am

    Oh no I think not. I can do a better job and I am just starting out. First of all bad customer service. Trusting your gut is something I have to learn myself even when it comes to working with clients. I need headshots but I am going to set up my camera and do them myself I won’t pay for foolishness unless I know the quality of the work.

  • Reply
    at 10:25 am

    These are wonderful family photos. Your family is beautiful. I can agree with you on sticking with a person that you click with though. There is no need to change if they meet your needs.

    • Reply
      at 7:12 pm

      Agreed, we already scheduled an appointment with our photographer:)

  • Reply
    at 3:45 pm

    The shots you did get turned out really well. But I can understand your frustration with only have one photo to chose from of you son. At least you have a photographer you love. Now you know who to stick with.

    • Reply
      at 7:11 pm

      Thank you, Yes that was completely my frustration, and thankfully I do have a photographer I love and loves my family.

  • Reply
    at 3:54 pm

    I believe in trusting your instincts. The offers might be too attractive, but you will only end up feeling robbed if you are not satisfied with the job. Sticking with a person you have established rapport with will always give you the best results.

    • Reply
      at 7:08 pm

      That is exactly how I feel, robbed! Believe me I will never stray again.

  • Reply
    at 5:19 pm

    You have an absolute gorgeous family. These photos are stunning. I cannot get my kiddos to take a decent picture if my life depended on it. I have 6, so that could be why but there’s always one looking another way, and one with a scowl on their face. I’m never going to get a decent photo. I love these, very nice and very cute. Your little ones are adorable and so cooperative! 🙂

    • Reply
      at 7:20 pm

      Thank you your so kind. 6! God Bless you, I think 2 is a struggle, I cant imagine how you manage. PS my little ones will do anything for a piece of Orbitz gum 🙂

  • Reply
    at 6:39 pm

    Wow so sorry you had a bad experience! The good news is that your children are adorable and probably couldn’t take a bad picture if they tried! Sounds like you have a great photographer that you can continue to use moving forward who treats you and your family as people rather than just a number!

  • Reply
    at 8:30 pm

    It’s unfortunate that it happened to you. There are a lot of photographers and it becomes difficult to trust and choose just one. It’s best to check and carefully see the portfolio or some kind of gallery to know the quality of pictures being produced.

  • Reply
    at 9:03 pm

    You handled that situation FAR better than I could have. I would have demanded my money back and stormed off. Were you told what you would receive at any point?

  • Reply
    Michelle Hwee
    at 11:34 pm

    Oh man..that is just unprofessional! Can’t believe it was unorganized to that extent, definitely makes it so much more stressful! Nevertheless, you and the kids look wonderful 🙂 I do enjoy the quality of these, very clear as well.

  • Reply
    at 7:32 pm

    I actually really like those photos you got. I think they are beautiful. It is hard to photograph children for serious. I used to work for a photographer, and it can be so hard! I am glad you are going back to your trusted photographer though. Sometimes you just need chemistry with your photographer.

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