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Review: Kidz Bop

We are a family that loves music.  It is more natural for us to turn on the bluetooth speaker and hit play on our playlist then actually turn on the television.  With that being said, clearly my kids tend to sing along….  Sadly I will admit I never realize how bad the lyrics are until they are sang from the mouth of a 3 year old! Have you ever listened to your little one singing a song?

kidz bop

Although I have heard of KidzBop, I just assumed it was a kids group singing remakes.  What I was unaware of is how much I myself would love KidzBop!  So much so, that they are now my goto…

Here are a few reasons why we loved to Review KidzBop:

  • The lyrics are kid Friendly!  Now this is the #1 Reason why every parent/child combo should be listening.  Nothing is worse than when my Gia said “grab my cup, put some liquor in it!!” YIKES!  I didn’t even realize those were the lyrics.  Say goodbye to those embarrassing moments.
  • KidzBop inspires children to believe they as well can achieve their dreams of becoming a singer, because they are listening to children singing popular songs they are familiar with on cd, or iTunes.
  • The sound is gentler, softer while staying true to the music.



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