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Review: Kodak Kiosk App

It is very far and few between those who do not carry a smart phone, which are undoubtedly loaded with apps that run the gamet.

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Recently we we were asked to review the Kodak Kiosk FREE app and we were happy too. Having a smartphone equipped inevitably with a camera leaves said phone in my hand as I’m sure yours 24/7.  Constantly on the go, constantly snapping pics of where we have been, screen shots, selfies the kids posing. All of these pictures are easily uploaded to a variety of social media channels and occasionally sent via email to loved ones.  More often than not these images never make it to print because frankly if it’s not accesible from our phones, it’s just not feasible.

The Free Kodak Kiosk app is available for both apple and android devices.   Simply download the free app and allow Kodak access to your photos, then choose the photos you would like to print and send them to the nearest Kodak Kiosk located at your nearest CVS or target for printing.

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If your like me and have parents that are not on social media and always asking for the most recent pictures of their grand babies go ahead, download and open the app, select your photos and print.  The Kodak Kiosk will for sure come to your rescue as a last minute gift idea.

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    Kiosk App
    at 2:40 am

    Very nice app for printing your photos to the nearest Kodak picture kiosk from your android device.

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