Up at 6:30 am on a Saturday! Say What?!

Woke up at 6:30 am on a Saturday!


Oh because JD didn’t know what to wear to go snowboarding… at Mountain Creek.

Soon after he pulled out I snow pants, Gia was at my heels and ready for breakfast which was 6:45.

As my thoughts led to the chaos around me, and I flipped on the Keurig I begin to wonder what will I do with Gia today?

We are in the midst of packing our house up and moving hopefully by the end of the month.  Therefore we are beginning to feel closed in, by the Home Depot boxes.

With the hubby and JD tucked away on the mountain, we ditched packing and played all day.  Ok you caught me we also squeezed lunch at a local diner, and a long nap. Can you blame us?  We did after all wake up at 6:30!

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doh vinci1

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doh vinci 5

As we celebrated our nieces Confirmation, Gia played with her cousins upstairs, then downstairs, then upstairs again for hours.  Which is why by the time I was putting my coat on she passed out!

Although Gia and I had a low key day it turned out to be a great day together:)

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