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Sleep Solutions for the Entire Family

Typically just as you begin to crawl into bed, tired as can be, your brain kicks in. This is just about when you began to remember every single detail of the day and how you could have altered the outcome. This leads you down a dark rabbit hole of googling, and perusing social media.

If you are like me whose day starts backwards, waking up exhausted and going to bed wide awake, read on friends.

Life is Better in Lounge Wear

If this quarantine has taught me anything it is life is definitely better in loungewear. Of course not just any loungewear will do, for the level of lockdown we have experienced. Cozy Earth’s supreme softness, and flattering stretch-knit fabric is designed for every-BODY and perfect for sheltering in place as long as we have. The name says it all, these pajamas are truly cozy, I mean they didn’t make Oprah’s favorite list for no reason! Cozy Earth is available in both woman and mens and we have a coupon code for our subscribers. Use GEANINECILENTI50 to receive 50% off your purchase at Cozy Earth.


Hyland’s Young Adult Serene is a homeopathic blend of natural active ingredients that works to stimulate your body’s own healing. Hyland’s Young Adult Serene™ is a homeopathic blend of natural active ingredients that provides relief of the physical markers of anxiety and stress including irritability, tension headache, upset stomach, and occasional sleeplessness. The quick-dissolve tablets are non-drowsy, without side effects, non-habit forming, and is made with natural active ingredients.

Hyland’s 4 Kids Calm & Restful When your kids are not sleeping well, their entire cycle goes out of sync as well as your own. Leading to days that are as restless as the nights! Hylands 4 Kids Calm & Restful is trusted by thousands of families whose kids now enjoy long, restful sleeps including my own. With quick-dissolving tablets that melt instantly in your little ones mouth, Hyland’s 4 Kids Calm & Restful brings on the calm and it does not cause any next-morning grogginess. Ensuring your child is back to business of playtime fun after a good night’s rest! And you can move on with your daily schedule also.

Hyland’s Baby Comfort Chamomilla Tablets   

Nightime disruptions is often a call the entire family ends up answering. Which is then followed by a cranky baby from exhaustion. Naturally you will do anything to help them get a good night’s rest. Chamomilla is a soothing relief of occasional sleeplessness, fussiness, and irritability. Made in the USA with just one natural active ingredient, Hyland’s Baby Comfort Chamomilla is free from artificial flavors, dyes, and parabens, and formulated specifically for babies, so they get some sleep and you can get your whole family back on track.

Peach Skin Sheets 

We spend up to one third of our lives asleep according to the National Sleep Foundation—that’s equivalent to about 26 years. Peach Skin Sheets are made of a high-performance 21st-Century SMART fabric that helps warm sleepers (the Mr.) stay cool and cool sleepers (Me) stay cozy. Neither of us have to compromise softness for dryness, leaving us both well rested. PeachSkinSheets have a luxurious 1500 thread count level of softness thanks to the brushed peachskin finish on both sides, so they’re extraordinarily soft no matter what side touches your skin.  Sheet Sets starting at $65

Doctor Wise SLEEP + Menopause Formula   

It is estimated that over 6 million women in the United States experience or will experience the symptoms of menopause or perimenopause each year including sleeplessness. For these women, few treatments other than hormone replacement therapy or dietary supplements have been available—until now.  Hyland’s, the trusted homeopathic brand since 1903, is excited to announce the release of Doctor Wise by Hyland’s – an estrogen-free solution dedicated to easing the symptoms of every stage of menopause!

Prioritizing good sleep is practicing self love, so let’s get our butts in gear and make it a priority with a little help from the products listed for the entire family. Happy Zzz’s friends!

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