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Snowboarding Essentials for beginners (like me)

Heading out on a beginner snowboarding excursion? We have rounded up some snowboarding essentials for beginners you will need, as you venture off into mountains unknown.

If you are like most, as you explore a new activity you may be ready to shop till your drop for all that you need.  And believe me we are all about shopping, however until you are positive snowboarding is for you we suggest renting versus buying the hardware items needed.  Rental shop staff will be more than happy to match you exactly with the hardware you need for those early stages of adventures.

I myself have not snowboarded in well over 2 years, and silly me somehow allowed myself to be led atop Lover’s Lane at Thunder Ridge Ski Area.  After nearly hurting my son while escaping the lift, I knew I would be spending sometime at the top solo.

2 adults, 7 kids ready for action.

(Note the other 2 were on skis and refused to sit-down in fear of not getting back up!)

15 minutes later, 1 adult, 1/10 of the way down says the ski patrol with the sled who has arrived to rescue me.

Now if you know anything about me you are well aware the lovely man did not have the pleasure of having me ride in his sled.  Yep, despite the falling, the many f-bombs that fell on deaf ears, and my body growing tired I knew I had to make it down the hill on my own.  After all my 6 year old who has never snowboarded made it down.  I couldn’t possibly have her thinking her mom is a quitter. My son you know is a snowboarder so he was smooth sailing, despite me closing the lift on him, DON’T ASK!! Clearly it was not intentional.

In this day in age shouldn’t those things go up on their own? Asking for a friend.

30 minutes into my snowboarding excursion, falling, and F-bombing to get back up, I asked myself what are you doing? Honestly?  Do you think continuing to be negative about this situation will get you anywhere?  Get up, you can do this, and when you fall get up again. Let’s move your ass!

Cheesy I know but filling my head with positivity and keeping an open mind got me down that hill a lot faster. One thing I am happy about is I remained nice and toasty, and hope you will too for your snowboarding adventures that may leave you lonely atop a hill somewhere.

No more images of course, due to a dying battery.

Find our essentials below.


Burton profile mitt available in adults and kids  /   Thermals   /

Spray ground Neck Warmer  / Thermal Compression ski socks

Optics Scope Goggles

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