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I brush my teeth as frequently as possible, all too often with a child or two hanging from a limb, with whichever toothpaste the hubby picked up on his latest shopping trip.  Not a fabulous routine at all!  That ended about a week ago when I was given the opportunity to review the Crest and Oral-B Pro Health Clinical Plaque Control line of products.  I was psyched to experience the same fresh minty mouth I get from the dentist to face the world every morning, without stepping foot into the office I fear the most.

Up until now my oral routine, has not provided me with that clean and fresh feeling, especially the mornings I find myself brushing with toddler toothpaste!  Mornings are brutal over in these parts.  As a mom it is important for me to instill a healthy oral routine into my children.  Of course like everything it is a battle and some days are better than others, especially when they witness me not practicing what I preach.

On the days of most resistance I resort to the stories of my mother, and grandmother.  Both have dentures and that is not a road I think the kids are willing to travel down, no matter how funny they think it is when they pull their teeth in and out!

Crest Pro Health has allowed me the opportunity to not only upgrade the products we use, but also create a new routine and a more enjoyable experience.

The Crest and Oral-B Pro Health Clinical line of products claim to significantly reduce plaque, as well as prevent and reverse the effects of gingivitis when used simultaneously.  We received the new line of Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control products, which included:

Crest Pro-Health Clinical Gum Protection Toothpaste:

·      Helps eliminate plaque at the gum line

·      Clinically proven to help reverse gingivitis in 4 weeks!

·      Available in 2 flavors: Invigorating Clean Mint, and Soothing Clean Mint

Crest Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control Toothpaste:

·      Clinically proven to keep plaque from returning

·      It works by killing plaque germs, and slowing down their ability to generate new plaque

Crest Pro-Health Clinical Rinse:

·      Crest’s most advanced rinse formula ever

·      A clinical breakthrough that helps keep your teeth 91% clean of plaque for up to two months after a dental visit

·      Fights and helps reverse gingivitis in as little as two weeks

·      Kills 99% of germs to improve health

Oral-B Pro Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush:

·      Flexing sides that individually adjust to teeth and gums to clean areas where plaque growth begins.

·      Removes up to 93% of hard to reach plaque with regular use.

Tell us about your oral health routine, does your routine consist of brushing, flossing, and rinsing? Or can you relate to our past experiences of a quick brush and keeping it moving with kids attached to a limb?

For additional tips and tricks to spring clean your health and oral health this season, take a look at our post of tips from Dr. Travis Stork, host of the Emmy Award-winning TV show, The Doctors, and practicing ER doctor.

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