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Staying Smooth While on the Move with Lubriderm

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Oh hello February! With the late dawns and chilled breaths that came along with you. Typically, I am not a fan of this weather that has inflicted us to wear layers of our most itchiest sweaters, cozy scarves, and furry hats. However, I am beginning to develop a love for a winter wonderland, as I find myself never passing up a rich and creamy hot chocolate to protect us from that crisp chill in the air, leaving us behind with flushed cheeks and dry skin.

Hot or cold, we’re on the go!

Despite the frigid temperatures, we have never been a family to let the winter weather keep us from our every day chaos. All activities go on, and we stay on the move. Whatever the day includes we keep pushing through the constant shifts of temperature: hip hop and jazz rehearsal with the heat blasting, tennis practice bringing the heat from running across the court, yoga in a cold gym, and then finishing off with basketball. Of course our weekends can’t be absent of our favorite winter activity…snowboarding. It’s all a rush and we have a blast getting through it all, but we can’t forget it takes a toll on the largest cell of our bodies, our skin.

Loving the skin you’re in

Sometimes the hardest layer for us to prepare for the cold is our skin. Especially my Gia, who visits the nurses office frequently during the winter season due to her dry patches. Every day I feel like the climate is getting crazier and even harsher on our skin, but with Lubriderm’s Advanced Therapy Lotion, I can keep my family from drying out. Adding Lubriderm into our daily morning routine is the best way to provide our skin 24 hour long protection. Creamy and smooth to the touch, this lotion offers high performance relief to the driest of skin, like my own, with visible results of restoration in just a week. I’m never going to let the Winter wear me out, because I choose everyday comfort with my everyday skin solution.

Advanced Therapy for the entire Family

I already knew Lubriderm was best the line of defense to fight off these drying and uncomfortable climates. Personally, It has been my go to lotion to help me avoid the annoying and embarrassing itchy, flaky, cracking skin that comes with the change of weather. It is a saving grace fit for a family, as both my children have delicate, easily irritated, ultra sensitive skin. With just one application daily, I am not only healing our dry irritated skin, but ridding us of the frustration and discomfort that comes with it. As a one size fits all, Lubriderm works for everybody, and is now available at Walmart.

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