Summer C-Section Scar Struggles

The countdown is over and summertime has officially arrived. I think it’s safe to say that I get just as excited as my kids do about summer if not more. Maybe it’s because I’m still a kid at heart or maybe it’s because summertime means that there’s more time to do things we love to do together as a family.

From day trips into the city to find the newest items at our favorite shops ending with a family movie night with FiOs or just spending the day lounging with my minis pool side.I am a proud fashionista and an avid shopper that goes without saying but finding the perfect bathing suit that fits my body type and covers me up in all the right places while still being trendy is a battle in itself.

The tops too big, the bottoms too small. This one looks like a smock while the other you can barely see at all which makes you question if the lady at the front of the store brought you the right size. When you finally find the perfect fit and color for your suit of the summer you take a bold step out from behind the curtain to stand in front of a full length mirror as a petite worker says how great you look in that killer suit. You nod but in reality you can’t simply get past the lovely scar your c-section from your first born has left behind to see how beautiful you really are.

Often times we are too hard on ourselves, especially during pool hours. I used to be self-conscious about my c-section scar until I found New Gel+ scare management solution that is made specifically for c-section scars. New Gel+ helps keep the scar flat and soft while easing the itching and tightness of pain that typically comes with scars. For new moms out there they also have a silicone patch that cushions the scar and reduces irritation against clothing. I have used their advanced silicone gel and in as little as 3 weeks I started to see positive results.

C-Section Before - 3 weeks postpartum

C-section scar 3 weeks postpartum before New Gel+
Stock photos were used, because honestly I am not ready to share my flabby stomach

C-Section After - 2 months using NewGel+ strip

C-Section scar 2 months after using New Gel+ strips

Thanks to New Gel+ I no longer stress over my cesarean section scar, and I am able to leave my self consciousness and post baby body insecurities behind. Next time I’m looking for a new suit you can bet that I’m going to agree with the petite store worker that this mom looks great and is ready to hit the pool with my minis in that rocking new suit!

New Gel+ is also available in strips and regular size patches, because sadly we don’t only have c-section scars.

Disclosure: We were provided New Gel+ product to test.  All opinions stated are my own. Thank you for supporting School Yard Style! 

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