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Summer Essentials for Curvy Women

Summer essentials are on every fashion-forward lady’s mind right now. With everything beginning to open back up, we’re all eager to leave our coffins and get back out to the world of the living – safely, of course.

This year I’m more obsessed with summer essentials than ever before. After all, I’m bascially re-entering society, so I want to look my best. I know you do, too, so let’s talk summer fashion, shall we?

Curvy Women are Stylish, Babe

I’m a big advocate for curvy women and our ability to be stylish mavens. When I was growing up, I remember what it was like to have curves. If you weren’t a size 10 or below, your options were very limited.

Big boobs? Good luck fitting into that top that caught your eye at the store. Hippy or bootylicious? You were probably relegated to sweats, or even worse, leggings. A thicker middle? Get out the moo-moo.

Curvy women were just never considered when it came to style. I distinctly remember seeing women walking around wearing the most God awful, formless sacks with colors that I was sure were making my eyes bleed. I also remember it being very difficult growing up to find fashionable pieces in my size. When I did alterations were always a must.

Ladies, that’s all over. A few years ago, companies finally realized that curvy ladies have as much style as they do curves, and they tapped into that. These days, we can go with whatever look suits us, and I love it. That’s why I’m all about the summer essentials for the curvacious today.

Summer Essentials to Rock What You’ve Got

When the weather gets hot so do the fashions. This is the time of year to really have fun with your wardrobe. Get sassy. Show some skin. Pull out the extra-cute floppy hat. The style options are endless, but there are some basics that every lady – curvy or otherwise needs in her wardrobe.


It might be hot outside, but jeans are still an essential for any wardrobe. Jeans are a classic look for a summer day on the cool side or an evening out. They come in some great fits for curvy ladies, and they’re the perfect laid-back look for almost any summer occasion.

A White Shirt


A cute white shirt is the cornerstone of so many outfits. From a punchy skirt to sassy shorts and even a loose-fitting summer sweater, the white shirt can be worn in so many different styles.

White Sneakers

Just like a classic white shirt, white sneakers are the workhorse of summer fashion. There are so many styles to choose from out there, and they can be worn with everything from sundresses to shorts and jeans.

And speaking of sneakers…

Summery Shoes

Summery shoes are always must-have additions to any summer wardrobe. Of course, sneakers are always great, but you can accent your look with a variety of shoe styles.

Flats and slides are perfect for a cute look that won’t kill your feet. For a night out on the town, you can mix it up with some cute open-style heels so you look sassy without boiling your feet.


Sundresses should always be on any curvy womans list of summer essentials. Sundress – it’s right there in the name. What makes sundresses so great is the sheer variety of looks that they come in.

You can find them in solids, prints, stripes, and more. Another huge plus is that these dresses drape perfectly, highlighting all the sassy curves and minimizing the ones we don’t love so much.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket might seem like an odd pick for summer essentials. After all, summer is already hot. The thing is, so are denim jackets! Denim jackets come in a variety of styles, many of which are perfect for summer. When worn unbuttoned, they don’t overheat you, and they add a great layer effect.


Hats are always a must for a summer wardrobe. From big, floppy brims to weathere baseball caps, you can use different styles of hats for different occasions. Mix and match them to whatever best suits your style. You’ll always look fab.


Like hats, sunglasses protect you from the sun’s UV rays. Also like hats, a great pair of sunnies makes an excellent accessory. You can find all sorts of styles from classic aviators to funky, retro chic cat eyes and more. The sky’s the limit, so snag a few different pairs to go with a variety of looks.


It’s summer, so of course, it’s time to head to the beach. These days, there are all kinds of great swimsuit options for curvy ladies. From one piece suits to high-waisted bikinis, there are a million and one choices, and at least one of them will fit your style.


Whether you’re a size 20 or a size 2, cover-ups are definite summer essentials for the beach. Cover-ups offer another layer of style for you look, and they keep you from getting chilling as the water from your recent swim dries off.

Cover-ups also come in a variety of colors and styles from solids to polka dots, bold prints, sheers, and more. They’re an easy way to stay comfy, protect your skin from the sun, and add a little extra to your look.


Bags, bags, bags. Bags cannot be overstated as summer essentials. From a clutch with a summer print for a night out to an everyday woven bag to a huge beach bag to store everything from sunscreen to snacks, bags are dual purpose, form and function must-haves.

These days, bags are as varied and interesting as every other part of fashion. They have classic looks in abundance, but there are also new wave bags that feature ultra-modern looks and shapes for even the most avante gard styles.

Summer Essentials You Need This Summer

While this post is geared for the curvy ladies out there, these summer essentials should go on every stylish lady’s wardrobe list.

Whether you’re strolling along the beach in a drapey sundress or wrap or shaking your money maker on the dance floor in a super cute pair of jeans that fit just right, this list of summer essentials has you covered from morning to night throughout every minute of summer.

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