How I Survived Food Shopping with Kids

I know the thought of it itself seems impossible.  I woke up super early Sunday morning already stressing about going to Stop n Shop with the kids. You know how it goes, they want everything in sight.  They argue, the list goes on and on. I turned on the coffee machine, and thought to myself I better take an advil for the inevitable headache that awaits me. When I realized I didn’t yet make a shopping list.

Then the caffeine kicked in, and it hit me!

I could make a shopping list for each of the them and dare I say keep them busy?


I created the shopping list quickly in pages, I’m a Mac user.  Gia isn’t reading just yet, so I added pictures of her items to the list, along with the names of the items.  See how I added in a little education!  The repetition of Gia looking at the words as she said what each item will help with word recognition. Secret Mom WIN!

Naturally, I added pictures to Joseph’s as well, to avoid any meltdowns from Gia, or teasing from JD because he knows how to read. Moms you know exactly what I am talking about.

JD and Gia were both determined to get everything on their list, and they even helped each other.  Of course there was the minor distractions.  Conveniently brands place all the logos and themes from the latest movies on every cracker/cookie box as possible low enough for little hands to grab.  However I redirected and reminded them we are only getting the items on our list.  Naturally Gia asked if we can add XYZ, to her list next week, and I obliged.  Of course she will forget and I will as well 🙂

Happy to report shopping with both children was a pleasure, and we all left with smiles on our faces.  Not to often we can say that about shopping with kids.

Do you go food shopping with your kids?  Tell us about your experience.

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