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Just like memories, the holidays come completely alive through our senses. The smell of pine, the taste of sweets, and the sight of glistening ornaments; we need these seasonal sensations to get the full effect of being holly and jolly! Of course everyone has their own festive flare when this time comes around, but there are few products to create the perfect ambiance for you and your company.

Seasonal Scents

It all starts with the scent. From when I was little, to now with my littles, the Christmas fragrance has always been of spices. This signature smell can be created in an instant with Scentsicles Scented ornaments and sprigs. Similar to the cozy waft of a candle, or the smell of a fresh-cut tree, Scentsicles brings you into the holiday spirit with no flames or pine needle mess. Available to either dangle from a decorative wreath or be the final touch to a dining room table spread, Scentsicles are available in a variety of holiday inspired aromas! From celebrations to staycations, who doesn’t love a christmas combo that looks and smells good?!

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Seasonal Spirits

Of course, this month comes with a lot of preparations, so that’s why we’ve got to remember to prosecco prep too. My family and I carry traditions close to our heart, and as a passionate Italian American, wine is a tradition. We are always merry with family, but even merrier with a chilled glass of Cinzano Prosecco. This floral and citrus spirit can be blended to create a Aperol Spritz, a classic Italian cocktail to say “Salute!” with.

Aperol Spritz
3 parts Cinzano Prosecco
2 parts Aperol©
1 dash of soda water
Pour Cinzano Prosecco and Aperol© into a chilled wine glass filled with ice, add soda
water and stir very gently. A fashionable and authentic Italian cocktail – perfect for any

Seasonal Sweets

I’d like to think every family leaves dessert for last. It’s definitely like the big red bow on a gift you can’t wait to take off ; the cherry on top of a cheery day! After the mingling and ALL the munching you’ll definitely want to try My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream. These little bites of pillowy goodness are the magic that happens when tradition and treats come together for the sake of sweetness. With original ice cream flavors like strawberry and mango, the snack sized sweets are blanketed with traditional sweet rice dough h to revolutionize your ice cream experience. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream. is gluten and rBST free, with only 110 calories in each ball (bringing an ease to dessert guilt after my family feast!). Impossible to have just one, you’ll find your favorite over their 8 different flavors and burst of colors.

Now you can’t forget about the classic confection of a holiday party; chocolate. Fran’s Chocolate Caramels are a staple to this season, just as iconic as a candy cane, their simple sprinkle of salt back in 1998 made them the originators of this sweet and salty combination. My kids are absolutely into the Salted Caramel craze, but while they can have their hands on the  39% deep milk chocolate Smoked Salt Caramels, they know mom’s got her name all over the 70% dark chocolate Gray Salt Caramels. Who knows if this box will even make it to Christmas eve, so it looks like we’ll stocking up and stuffing our faces. ( I know we’re not the only ones!).

Nothing is like the scents, the sweets, and the spirits of this seasons. With these products, our Christmas countdown is already memorable, quickly being recorded into my mental scrapbook.

We hope these treats and tips keep your winter days merry and bright!




Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by, all opinions expressed are our own.

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