How we tackle Common Core Math homework

Common Core Math SchoolYardStyle

I will admit like most parents it wasn’t the same smooth transition for us as it was for my son to common core math.  We are fortunate enough that he is still young and only in the second grade, and the new math is the math he began with.

However I am a stickler for studying and will try anything to ensure JD understands the concepts he is being taught. Unfortunately our school does not send home study sheets or guides which I think is an epic fail for parents, they leave us to fend for ourselves and for us this is NEW MATH!

I am a neurotic mom and JD understands that, thankfully, and has taken home school work, which allows me to get a better understanding.  I am happy to say I am passing second grade with a 92 average, PS so is JD.

So here is how we do our math homework, JD keeps his math homework workbook (which has NO EXAMPLES) home and we tear out the assigned page daily.  Then we take a laminate sheet, expo dry erase marker and get to work.


Common Core Math SchoolYardStyleWe place the homework sheet into the laminate sheet and work together and show our work using a dry erase marker.  I took the liberty of doing this page myself to keep it legible, forgive me if an answer is wrong..



Once the homework sheet is complete we erase the laminate sheet, take the homework assignment out and JD completes the work on his own.


This ensures JD has an understanding of how to do the equation and show his work.  This routine has helped us thus far, with homework, as for studying we redo the homework from the entire chapter!

What has been your experience with common core? Would this technique help you and your kids?




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  • Reply
    at 9:19 am

    luckily my child is not in school yet having to deal with it but I’ve heard so many negative things about it. It’s wonderful you’ve found a way to help your child at home 🙂

  • Reply
    Stephanie Keeping
    at 9:43 am

    How fun! LOL! We haven’t had a problem with this yet, but I am waiting. It looks confusing to me.

  • Reply
    Olivia Claridge @ Hello, Happy Place
    at 9:08 pm

    Oh my goodness I don’t even know why i look at things for older kids, but i do. And i love them. Especially this one! I’ll be keeping this in my back pocket for the future:)

  • Reply
    Nicole W.
    at 12:50 pm

    I have experienced the homework with no examples. My nephew was having a hard time with completing one of his math homework… which we had a hard time assisting him with because there was no examples.

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