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Trendy and appropriate Hudson jeans for kids

Back to school shopping is always a blast for me.  The first looks at the hottest colors, and styles that will make the trend.  It all makes me so excited! We were invited to a special shopping day with Brianne Manz of Stroller in the City. We had the opportunity to have a first hand look at the Fall trends with one of my favorite brands, Hudson.  Since my retail days I have been in love with Hudson.  As a girl with…

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Safety Tips Every Parent & Child Should Know

John Walsh, spokesperson and on-air talent for the Justice Network, is giving parents peace of mind and kids a boost of confidence with six back-to-school Safety Tips Every Parent & Child Should Know courtesy of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). The Justice Network is a 24/7 broadcast television network that entertains and informs its viewers with gripping crime and investigation programming while making communities safer through its unprecedented public service commitment. Working in partnership with Crime Stoppers…

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Kids Trends

Heading back to school with a giveaway

My husband and I tend to spend a great portion of our time on a hunt for the trendiest coolest items to be found for back to school supplies and styles.  Traveling from one store to the next to ensure my kids have the latest and greatest themed backpacks, folders, and notebooks is normal because for us school is number one on our radar and if obtaining that Super Mario brothers backpack from downtown will make JD happy enough to maintain his above average grades…

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Mom Trends Back To School

Mom Trends School Yard Style

The struggle of back to school is real my friends.  I can’t promise getting one off to school doesn’t come without at least a tear shed, or a tantrum thrown and thats just from me!  If the tv goes on, forget it my kids will never make it out the door.  We try to stay as organized as possible and stick to a daily routine when school is in session because we have found that is what works best.  But…

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How we tackle Common Core Math homework

Common Core Math SchoolYardStyle

I will admit like most parents it wasn’t the same smooth transition for us as it was for my son to common core math.  We are fortunate enough that he is still young and only in the second grade, and the new math is the math he began with. However I am a stickler for studying and will try anything to ensure JD understands the concepts he is being taught. Unfortunately our school does not send home study sheets or…

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Sorting through all the paperwork..

Last year it seemed as if the stacks of papers that come home from school were too overwhelming and everywhere!  I attended a book release  for “The Secrets of An Organized Mom”, some time ago and I still dream of what it would be like to be as organized as Barbara Reich, ahhhh wouldn’t that be lovely!  Of course the event was held at the Container Store and we were given a lovely gift bag which included a blue document box,…

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