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Sorting through all the paperwork..

Last year it seemed as if the stacks of papers that come home from school were too overwhelming and everywhere!  I attended a book release  for “The Secrets of An Organized Mom”, some time ago and I still dream of what it would be like to be as organized as Barbara Reich, ahhhh wouldn’t that be lovely!  Of course the event was held at the Container Store and we were given a lovely gift bag which included a blue document box,…

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Traveling made easy with i-Hide Seat Organizer for me and you! Enter to win!

Brica i-Hide Seat Organizer

We are a family that are willing to travel anywhere by car, plane or any means necessary.   However as you can imagine traveling with 2 little people can take the co-pilot from their duties of giving directions, being DJ touch to much, and reading a magazine, texting etc to becoming the in car problem solver of everything. What problems could you have while driving with 2 little people you ask? For starters there is always the MOM BROBER ISNT SHARING…

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Communicating in style with Wall Pops Eden Organization Kit!

Wall Pops!

One of my goals in life as a mom and wife is to be 100% organized, and I will admit I am not there yet.   I do the best that I can daily, yes the kids toys are in labeled bins, my cabinets are organized with labels etc, however the one thing my family has been missing out on is a communication board.  I myself live with my planner in hand so how I have expected my family to remain organized…

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