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Preparing Back to School Lunch with Chef Ema Quevedo #ViveMejor

The back to school season can be hectic but it doesn’t have to be a crazy scene in the kitchen! Preparing your child’s lunch box can be fun and easy with the help of and their expert chef Ema Quevedo. No more pouting, no more complaining, no more of that same boring peanut butter sandwich, and definitely no more meals returned uneaten. With these tasty treats, your little ones will devour their scrumptious meals, and mom will be a superstar. For…

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Don’t let the Summer Fun leave you with Sun Damaged hair and skin

Dove Unilever

We have been running non-stop daily, with two little people at home and frequent sleepovers from cousins it is constantly rinse and repeat. With plenty of sunshine to spare, a typical day for us has been out and about catching rays, either at the pool, water-parks, or the beach club. However as fun of a summer it has been for us, all of these activities inevitably add up and will lead to great damage to our hair, as well as…

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