#TBT To when I had My SH** Together

Remember those days when you actually had it together.  You know when you were organized.  Up on time, clothes prepped the night before, the house clean, dinner prepped, and ready to walk out the door the sight of perfection as you planned.  Where the hell are those days?  No seriously?!  Please don’t tell me you are the ideal mom who has it all together and never drops the ball, because I am not buying it! Unless you are willing to share your nanny, cleaning lady and cook with me.

This morning was a sh** show.  Having been up all night, (I have insomnia), I could barely drag myself out of bed, never mind the kids for school.  Then as I reach for the uniforms I steamed in the middle of the night, the little one begins to have a melt down. No mama it’s dress down day!!  Oh no, I was so not mentally prepared for the full on drag out argument with my diva on her fashion statement of the month at 6:45 in the morning.  They both attend private school and have one dress down day a month.

You know Gia waits for this one day to express herself, and JD just goes with the flow.  Very rarely does he have a complaint about what I pick out to wear.


How did I not remember dress down day?  Why do I feel like somedays everything is being neglected, and I can’t get ahead?  Obviously, it is not just dress down day.  I am a busy mom, running a business or two. Running a household.  Trying to keep everyone happy.  One child has a broken arm, and the other can’t stop sucking her thumb.

Then by like day 12 of no sleep, I reach the breaking point, the house is a wreck, the kids are eating take out, I missed a PTA meeting, and then this happens. Complete happiness for all involved.

I ask myself does it really matter if I don’t have it all together?  Isn’t it ok if once in a while I let out a scream, aka speaking with motivation to get my kids to do something?  Is it really a crime to have takeout once a week for dinner?  Does the laundry really need to be put away immediately? Yes, some days we have to rewash a load, it happens.  I am not perfect.

But what I have realized is through all of my imperfections, is my children are happy. Go figure.  Isn’t that what really matters?

I know I am not alone, share your thoughts.


One Imperfect MOM


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    Lynda NATALE
    at 8:40 am

    Show me a clean house and no laundry and I will bet it’s a house with no kids or maid and nanny not a mom who works.. the perfect moms are the ones with laundry baskets, take out and muddy floors it shows we cherish the other moments life offers

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