The Morning Struggle

The Morning Struggle was so REAL Today!

Woke up 15 mins late,

Keurig brewed half a cup clearly it missed the memo that I need caffeine.
Kids dropped a spoon down the toilet and there went half of my arm swallowed by germs.
From the corner of my eye I catchGia eating gummies because apparently her school doesn’t feed her so she needed to consume as much as possible before we left.
While JD is playing with his 3DS instead of studying for his spelling test which is happening in 3 hours!
Discussion in the car about who is blood relative and the cat attempted to jump out of he bag when I tell JD his cousin is blood related because my brother made her. Insert look of utter confusion. He said mom what are you talking about? God made Gianna!  Phew JD is finally out of the car!
Of course its no secret Gia Amelia is not fan of the daycare drop off, but naturally this morning was unlike any other.

Living in NY, parking rules are strict and the fines can be hefty.  With that being said today I decided to leave the car on, with the key in my hand, seemed like a good idea at the moment.

I unbuckle, unlock the doors and walk around to Gia’s side of the car. I reach for the door only to find it locked.

(Insert nice mom voice) “Gia please unlock the door honey”, followed by shaking of the head by Gia.

(Insert slightly frustrated voice) “Gia open the door”, Gia attempts to give me “The Look”

(Insert this mom has had enough voice) “Gia Amelia open this door right this minute, followed by tears, and reluctantly she reaches over and unlocks the door.

These type of mornings break my heart, and yes it takes all of my strength not to get back in the car and drive home with Gia.  However that would only make tomorrow that much harder because her expectations will be for me to eventually give in.  Instead, I place many kisses in her pockets for when she misses me later in the day (which never happens, because I call and check in, and on occasion request a picture), walk her in to her class and send her off to be with her friends.

Sigh…. (Happy Dance)… Drop off is complete…
As I pull up to my Accupuncture appointment I hear the grumble of my stomach and realize I forgot to eat breakfast like many other moms have done I’m sure. Clearly it was time to search the car for left behind snacks! Naturally I have adapted a take your mess with you attitude which bit me in the ASS today!
Thankfully this Morning Struggle isn’t a daily situation.  What do your mornings look like?


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