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The Windy City’s Top Wonders!

There is a world outside of New York City. Yes, other cities that illuminate the sky with their hustle and bustle, even daring to rival our beloved pizza. Just over a few great lakes, one city in particular caught our eye with its sparkle. A place painted in blues and grays, it gracefully shifts from a snow globe to a vivacious vortex, never dwindling through its great winds. Outpouring its love for art and architecture, it is an unpredictable funnel of culture as it booms with its urban blues roots on one corner and its marine marvels on the next. How could we keep our top 5 sights from Chicago a secret?!

The Bean

Also known as the Cloud Gate, this metal bean created by Anish Kapoor was modeled after liquid mercury and focuses on the theme of infinity. Definitely Chicago’s mirror as it reflects the skyline off its surface, it is one of the city’s most fascinating public art installments. A great group photo opportunity, you can explore all of it sides even underneath! Bringing our faces close up to its surface, we couldn’t help but take some silly snaps as our faces morphed to its shape.

Willis Tower Skydeck

If being on top of the world is on your bucket list, then get ready to make a big check mark next to that when visiting this wonder. High up on the 103rd floor, and approximately 1,353 ft up from the ground comes the Willis Tower Skydeck. A view can only be appreciated so much when looking out a window, so the Skydeck took it to the next level when creating their glass box extensions. We looked down and we looked out, and the city of Chicago looked like its own little world (the snowy conditions proving that it was just like a snow globe!). Breathtaking as you take in every building and street light below, we know exactly why 1.7 million people visit this attraction every year. Here you have a map to the world in your hands!

The Art Institute of Chicago

Known for its monumental street art occupying every wall and subway route, Chicago is a giant in the modern art world. The Art Institute of Chicago is a place to find the city’s creativity streak at its center, ready to amaze with its colors and subjects. We scurried and slowed through every hall making sure we didn’t miss thing, and thank goodness we didn’t. Every piece, classic or clever, made us fall into a historical abyss, learning about how beauty in the world is really in the eye of the beholder! A place so vibrant in its timelessness, there is an exhibit for everyone to enjoy and rejoice.

Shedd Aquarium

There is magic beyond the concrete that’s underneath our feet. Containing over 32,000 animals from our amazing seas, the Shedd Aquarium is unlike any aquarium we’ve ever been. One of the largest of its kind in the world, its features exhibits to all corners of the world celebrating interaction, exploration, and pure fascination. Our favorite section had to be the Coral Reefs of the Philippines, showing harmony and diversity under the sea. Big creatures or small, this attraction is the best way to appreciate and learn about our aquatic allies!

Navy Pier

Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, this pier has attracted people of far and wide for over 100 years! A hot spot during the spring and summer season with its towering Ferris wheel and panoramic view of the city’s skyline, it was still a wonder to us during a winter moment. Here at the pier, you can stop and shop at its many charming kiosks or shake it up with a Shakespeare performance. Before you head from land to the edge of the sea, you cannot miss the crystal gardens. An enchanting botanical garden encased by clear glass windows, it is little touch of paradise to the Midwest.

With no hesitation, we can easily say that Chicago surpassed our expectations! Still a new city to us, there’s so much left for us to discover. Maybe with a season switch up, we can return and uncover more of its wonders.

A special thank you to the Willis Tower Skydeck and Shedd Aquarium for gifting us with such amazing experiences.

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