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Tilt Kids Festival

By Mary Wassner at Downtown Chic Moms

Let the party begin!

 This festival really brought in the crowds last Saturday on the streets of Brooklyn, NY. As I waited in line, the crowds of families poured themselves through the door to an eye popping display of colorfully painted, torn, taped, creased and reassembled sheets of paper hanging from the ceiling and the walls of the rustic art center, The Invisible Dog.
Once I managed to make my way inside, I couldn’t help but notice the large abstract artworks and vivid colors by french artist and children’s author, Herve Tullet. Best known for his book, This Isn’t Trash, which was on display and the artist himself was greeting young children and signing books for them.

Children and parents were all in amazement as they took in the exhibit. Some of the work as tall as 8 feet, was assembled into a layered, multi-dimensional forest of artwork. Some pieces of the “forest” were hanging from the lofted ceilings, while others were pristinely framed and hung on the walls. Families were navigating the space from all angles and directions. But, what I noticed the children enjoying the most, was the pile of ripped pieces of artwork that they were encouraged to touch, feel and even throw in the air!

Tilt Kids Festival is produced by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the French Institute of Alliance Francaise.
The Spring Exhibitions on display now through April 15th.

For more info on the Tilt Kids Festivalvisit: www.tiltkidsfestival.org.

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