Unplugged at Woodloch

Just before the hustle and bustle of Holiday parties began, we set off for a visit to the Poconos with our family. Woodloch Resort is a beautiful four-season Poconos family resort, nestled in a pristine mountain lake vacation setting. Woodloch is a family owned business offering their traditional warm hospitality, and nurturing and embracing spirit since 1958. We have witnessed it on numerous visits while spending quality time with my family over the years.

Woodloch is our destination of choice for old fashioned family togetherness, it is the perfect location for us to reconnect and savor our moments. Not knowing what to expect because Woodloch has a unique activity program, we were ready to jump in and indulge in it all.

We drove up late Friday evening, but just in time for dinner, followed by a dip in the indoor pool, showers and bed. I had no idea what would be in store for us on Saturday so I wanted to make sure the kids and parental were well rested.

Early at breakfast we began to notice families in the same shirts. Initially I began to think it was maybe a family reunion. Later I would discover it was much more. One of the things we love about Woodloch is their dining room. Every family is assigned a table and this is your table for the duration of your stay. Makes it much easier for us all to meet up if we drift apart. Also allows us to get to know our neighboring tables, and make friends.

First activity for our day was Gingerbread wars. We thought oh this is cute, let’s go have some fun. As a family we began to look around the lodge and realize the matching shirts were teams! Apparently it was a competitive sport, with a theme. Nonetheless, the giggles could be heard down the hall as well as running children to get more supplies to help their family win. As first timers we were clearly unprepared, and it was definitely not our competitions first rodeo. These families clearly have been here and participated many of times and their creations showed their talent. We are for sure planning our come back and will be prepared to bring our A game next time.

After lunch Gia and I ventured out to learn, play, and visit the petting zoo, play basketball and a round of air hockey. While the boys indulged in a basketball competition, followed by the shooting range, and go carts.

Sunday was all of the same laughing, running and making memories we will all cherish forever. It seemed fitting for us to go as an early Christmas present to our family. The easy going chill vibes reset our souls before the chaos of unwrapping items my kids will not remember, happy to say we have downgraded on this aspect to indulge more on travel.

​Have you been to Woodloch or any other family-friendly resorts or destinations? Leave a comment below and let us know!!

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