Indulging in an Unplugged Summer

We have been indulging in a unplugged simple summer.  Ok lets not sugar coat this.  After the kids were in a device induced coma, I lost my mind. Yep!  I snatched up the devices, under protest and tossed them into the very bottom of an unorganized closet.

While it was a bold move for me, considering I still have to work, and the devices keep them entertained. I knew it had to be done, and I am one who just rips off the bandaid.  Initially the temper tantrums were beastly, and the searches were ongoing.  Thankfully the tantrums and search party has dwindled and we are getting by with an occasional request for devices, which I quickly redirect.

Busy mornings playing with toys that allow little ones to express their creativity.  Scheduling days with visits from cousins and friends, and splashing up some fun as they learn to swim, while I work poolside. Day trips to farms, and road trips to spend a few days away is keeping us entertained and unplugged!




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How is your Summer going?

Have you dared to unplug?

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    at 4:37 pm

    Bold move but great idea….going old school when life was care free and devices didn’t block the sun from shining.

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