Visiting Kellogg’s NYC in our pj’s

A day off from school and we woke the kids up early, a quick brush of the teeth and we were in the car within minutes.  No coffee. No change of clothes.  What could have been so urgent? Kellogg’s Cereal of course! Everyone knows cereal taste better when in your pj’s, and comfy.

We were surprising the littles with breakfast at Kellogg’s NYC in Union Square. What many do not know is Kellogg’s cereal plays a role in our lives. Mine and my husbands very first date was over a bowl of Berry Krispies. Not familiar with the cereal?  Kellogg’s introduced the cereal in 2006, we were married months later in 2007. Love at first bite for sure.

What is Kellogg’s NYC?

Kellogg’s is a cafe, with a DIY cereal bar with over 30 cereal toppings, Pop-Tarts & Oddfellows
ice cream sandwich alone with specialty cereal drinks. With Free WiFi, views of Union Square and all of our favorite cereals, Kellogg’s is the place to chill! And we did just that.  My kids made it a point to sit at every table, to experience it all.

My advice get there early before the crowd shows up. We arrived at store opening and had 2,000 square feet of ridiculously comfy space all too ourselves. We parked for the day using the Best Parking app, which made it really affordable.  We suggest you do the same and wonder on over to the Union Square market after for some really good finds.

Have you been to Kellogg’s NYC?  Tell us your thoughts below.

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