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We are ready to be #AirwickAlwaysFresh

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Bring on the heat and all that comes with it! The summertime definitely adds a flare to our schedule, getting around through higher temperatures and the inevitable sweaty moments. It’s important for my family to come home, escape the heat and feel refreshed.

There’s something about having a special scent within your home. We prefer a clean breeze scent lingering opposed to the ones my tween and his friends leave behind in my mudroom after a day of sweaty sports. A scent that when you walk into a room, you’re immediately hit with a memory of a time or place.

With our simple switch to the Air Wick Freshmatic Pure Automatic Spray, our house is a cool and fragrant haven. Providing 24/7 odor neutralization for 60 days, I know our long days out won’t end with any unpleasant smells lingering within our home. My dancing diva and sporty teen can keep on playing while we stay #AirwickAlwaysFresh with over 15 dynamic fragrances. 

Air Wick has got our backs with their Freshmatic Pure Automatic Spray, providing 24/7 odor neutralization and up to 60 days of continuous fragrances of your choice. It only takes a simple spritz to let your space refresh and uplift your every mood. Set to achieve your desired fragrance level from one of the 15 scents and let your mind be put to rest.

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