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DIY Dress Up Area

Halloween is done and over, and the question remains what to do with the costumes? Thanks to Marshall’s and their recent Halloween costume inventory, we had quite a few costumes with little room to store and a princess/diva eager to continue her dress up escapades. Before you prep for a costume swap next year which would be a great way to recycle and make new friends in your community.  Why not let your little ones get some additional usage out of those costumes by…

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ABC’s of Back To School

As I wake up this morning I feel as if even the birds are aware it’s that time of year again! I don’t ever recall hearing their chirping outside our window quite so early.  Well no time to listen to the songs they will sing, I have things to do! Yes everything from books, backpacks, and an extra set of clothes have been labeled, but that is just half the battle this morning on the First DAY OF SCHOOL! Lunches are…

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Fun in the Sun!

As I sit at my desk steadfast typing away sipping on my third cup of caffeine, I watch as the sun creeps in the front window and in the very faint distance of my memory I recall a moment when deciding to head to the beach for the day required little more than a blanket, sunscreen, and head phones to tune out those around me . Once I tossed kids into the mix, a day on the sand became a lot more adventurous, and required…

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Do you reward good grades?

I believe every child is different and as a parent, you yourself know what works for your child.  With that being said I have to tell you, we reward our son for good grades. Obviously we expect good grades, isn’t that what every parent wants?   However our son gets great grades on all his tests but can slack off during class itself, because he gets bored.  Therefore we give him motivation to partake and focus on the lesson being…

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Turn Trash into Cash with Entenmann’s Little Bites Snacks #Giveaway

The sole reason my son enjoys a cold lunch is the individually portioned lunch snacks he is allowed to indulge in.  Entenmann’s Little Bites snacks, is that perfect lunch box and grab-and-go fun, treat he craves.  All to often though Little Bites don’t make it through the weekend to get into the lunch box because lets face it kids need to snack, and as you see below mine Love Little Bites! Entenmann’s Little Bites has recently partnered with TerraCycle®, an international leader…

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Hyundai Hope On Wheels Mamarazzi® Event

The MOMS held a luncheon at The Warwick Hotel with Rocsi Diaz and Hyundai’s Hope On Wheels to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and ultimately end childhood cancer. The message was clear from the panel, it is the mom instinct or “mom gene” that led each of these moms who just knew something was not right with their child.  Moms of course advocate and follow their instincts.  They do the research and find the experts. Please watch this video provided by…

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