Our weekly unplugged moments includes games from Spin Master!

Since becoming a parent our weekends of partying have definitely changed, and we couldn’t be happier.  As a family that spends a lot of time connected we spend one evening a week completely unplugged.  By far the funnest evening of the week, as we go old school, stay up later than usual, eat junk food,  and play board games.  Disclaimer junk food for my kids is ices, and microwavable popcorn, I know we live on the edge!

As any family we each have our favorite games, and here are a few:

Disney Headbandz Family Game night

Gias favorite certainly is Disney themed Headbandz and honestly I can’t blame her!  I love anything Disney!  Each player wears a headband and you choose a card without looking, attach it to your headbandz and ask questions to figure out who you are.  Truth be told Gia always tells everyone who they are, in the cutest way that of course we all end up in laughter.

Hubbies game is of course Left, Right, Center when with the kids we actually do use the tokens.  However for big family events, think holidays and a party of 35-45 family members we may or may not switch from tokens to dollar bills.  Everyone begins with 3 dollars and needless to say there is a lot of shouting, laughing and most of all FUN!

Fibber Moustache

Fibber by far is my sons favorite because he tends to try to be creative with the truth, so he likes to fib during the game and see if we believe him or if he will get caught.  He usually is the one with the longest nose by the end of the game!

My favorite new game is Moustache Smash, for starters the moustache trend has been wild and I think its cutesy.  This game plays right along into that theme, everyone picks a silly moustache and holds it up to there face.  Each card is turned over, as you prep to do a mad dash for the card matching your ‘stache in color or shape.  When you see a match, smash it fast! If your suction cup grabs the Moustache first you get a point! Person with the most points wins the game.  Yeah I usually win 🙂

Game night for us is a fun way for us to unwind after a long week of school work, extracurricular classes, meetings, conference calls etc.  It give us the chance to focus on each other and be silly together.   Spin Master has a variety of games to make your family game night fun.  Are your ready to unplug and enjoy a night with your family and a few board games?  What game would you play?

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